Project Awarded

Procedures: Account Lead

Upon hearing that the project has been awarded to Instat, the following should be done by the Account Lead who prepared the proposal and budget:

  1. Create the project in 10kFT if it has not already been added as a Tentative project.

    • Follow standard naming convention for project name
    • Add standard phases that fit the type of project with rough estimates of start/end dates (they can overlap)
    • Fully schedule the project to match the budget. If team members are unknown, use placeholders that represent the correct role and level.
    • Confirm project tags (AL, PL, BudgetReview)

    An example of a project setup properly with phases and placeholder resources:

The initial entry of phase dates and resource allocation can be very rough estimates, it's better to have something than nothing. If nothing else, just put in high level estimates that were used when working up the budget.

  1. Confirm that the contracts administrator has entered the projected invoicing schedule in the Project Revenue spreadsheet.
  2. Assign a project lead, and schedule a handoff meeting at an appropriate time.
  3. Decide other team members based on availability. The 10kFT placeholder slots can help to search for available resources that match the role and level of the placeholder.
  4. Together with the project lead, schedule and plan a Project Kickoff Meeting.